Bye Bye Credit Card

A few minutes before I started writing this blog, I literally cut my credit card into two. I am so fed up. I choose the path of financial freedom.

The truth is that it is somewhat painful to destroy it because in the future, I might see something that I really like in the store and that if I do not have a credit card with me, I will have to let it go. I honestly admire some people who are able to manage their credit cards well and that they are able to live their life normally without worries.

I was once buried in credit card debt before. I refuse to let that happen again. With this, allow me to share with you three reasons why I bade farewell to this small shiny plastic.

First reason is that if I get buried in debt, it will be hard to climb up against it. You simply cannot fix it in one night can you? Although I earn decent amount of salary, I could still be trapped in the rat race.

There are people who earn smaller income yet they seem to have their finances well taken care of. I want something simpler now.

Deep inside, I know that in the future, I will want to buy more material stuff. With the credit card activated, I am ninety-nine percent sure I will use it again and again, especially on my stressful days.

It is the easiest route to buy the “luxuries I deserve”. Compounded by the inability to govern an intense emotion, one can slowly get into trouble.

Second is that I was able to survive my twenties without the use of it. Before I left for a job overseas, I was happy with my life even if I had less amount of money in my bank account.

I sought for a job abroad because I want to improve on my finances and professional life as well. Now that I am here, I was able to save more, but my happiness level was still the same. Stuff I can buy from credit card will never make me feel contented.

I know that I will always crave for more, one after another. I don’t need to purchase expensive stuff to earn friendship or to earn other people’s respect. It will be my character that will define me. In reality, the world will never run out of top –of- the-line products in the market.

The question is, do you need all of them?

Last but not the least, I want to incorporate the idea in my life that whatever it is that I want to buy, I must first work hard for it. This is where the value of patience and discipline comes in.

Remember when were young, our parents would say, “get high grades in school and I will buy that toy you’ve been eyeing on for weeks”. Weren’t we motivated by that? It sure did. It goes the same with our adult lives. Reward never precedes labor. The challenge for us nowadays is how we can delay gratification.

Since we now live in a fast-paced world, most of us get what we want with a drop of a hat. Technology has made it easier for humans to live their everyday lives. Likewise, it has also made it easier for banks to add up interests to their clients’ accounts, leading them into silent chaos in the long run.

So those are just few of the reasons why I had the courage to grab my pair of scissors and cut the shiny cute plastic in my wallet. Although I do not recommend this to EVRYBODY, since each of us has our personal approach to our debts and finances, I still am convinced that doing it is one of the ways to achieve financial freedom. To anyone who feels stuck with their money problems, I hope that they will be able to settle them as soon as possible. No one deserves to be a slave for money. One just has to decide, and take the necessary actions.

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