Here’s Your Career. Are You Happy?

I graduated last 2008 with a BS Nursing Degree. Now ten years have passed. So much has happened from that time until now. I remember back then in 2004 after my high school graduation, my parents tried their best to convince me to take up the nursing course.

All I could reply to them was a big NO. I refused to work in the hospital. I thought that nurses are too serious and that they lead a dull, wretched life. It took a lot of effort for them to get a “YES” with the career path that they chose for me. Here was the irony, I didn’t want to be a nurse, but I also was also clueless on what I wanted to be.

Was it my fault that I didn’t know what I would want to become back then? Probably not. It happens to all of us, especially when we are young. There isn’t much wisdom with youth in most cases. You dip your foot onto water, and realize “Oh, this is right for me. Oh no this is wrong.” As we grow older we surpass a series of trial and error. I began analyzing my life’s progress from the time I got my degree until this day that I am working abroad. Am I happy? Are my batch mates happy?

Happiness is a feeling. But some wise men say that happiness is also a decision. And yes, I choose to be happy. In my present state, I know I am at my prime. Although I am currently working abroad, and loneliness still creeps occasionally I still consider myself on the fair side. It is not easy to live far from my friends and family. You get to meet people from different walks of life, and along the path you learn how to cope up with extreme diversity. Here you have to apply different strokes for different folks. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. But in my point of view, instead of seeing it as a problem, I treat it as a challenge.

I never imagined that being a nurse would give me the flexibility, endurance, and patience that I need as I deal with people. When communicating, I always do not have to talk. Sometimes it pays to listen, to understand, and to empathize. Just like a tree, I needed to bend with the wind. All of these I would have probably missed if I was in a different career.

There is also a reason to be happy when you know that your job is able to give you the fund that you need in trying out other endeavors. We do not identify ourselves solely by our job isn’t it? That is why you go out of your comfort zone and try other activities that interest you. You get to discover yourself outside your job, and you get to awaken the gifts that you allowed to sleep for so many years.

My job has three shifts and my days off change. I do not have fixed weekdays and weekends. I do not have those “Oh it’s the start of working day again, damn!”  I have night shifts though, and some people who are not in the health care field may find it dreadful and could not imagine themselves preparing for work, while the rest of the world is about to sleep.

But despite those moments, in the back of my head, at least I have less to worry about my bills and payments. I get to live a comfortable life, plus the fact that I get to help others with what I have. At the same time, with some small budget on the side, I get the thrill of adventure in exploring other fields that are totally unrelated to my career. Life is full of variety. Use your resources to discover them.

Another reason that I am happy to be in where I am right now is that I get to shift the attention away from me. When I was younger, I was always self-conscious or I always wanted circumstances to go my way.  It was always about “me, me, me “.  My job has definitely taught me that the world does not revolve around “me, me, me”. My work environment has taught me that I have to be sharper and better at what I do, because people’s lives are at stake. A patient under my care is someone else’s mother, daughter, aunt, or grandmother. I have to work hard and improve, not for my own sake, but to contribute to someone’s recovery and safety.

This career has given me the maturity, that if I really want to add value to this world that I live in, I must make a progressive change and to accept the fact that life will not always go the way I want it to.  Indeed time and experience has molded my point of view on myself and how I relate to this world we live in. We don’t live for ourselves. We live for others.

So my dear friend, are you happy? It may be a short question but your answers could be complicated as you choose between these two. Whether you followed the path your parents have chosen for you or not, you deserve a happy life. You may be looking for more sense of fulfillment, or you seek for a higher salary. Some colleagues may be difficult to deal with.

But my suggestion is, look at yourself ten years back and compare it to how you have become? Search for the changes. Look for the progress. What experiences in your career have helped you become wiser in facing life in general? What could have been done that you haven’t done yet? What skill sets have you mustered that you can use for your bigger plans in the future? How do you see yourself five to ten years from now?

This is not the time to regret but instead, a time to calibrate and maybe begin again somewhere. On your days off, go to a quiet place, Sit down. Think. Recollect.  And maybe, just maybe, you will find you some answers that can give you some spark of happiness that you have been looking for.

I wish you more success and happiness! God bless! 🙂


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