3 Reasons Why it is Alright to be Different

Have you ever been called weird or odd by the people you know? Are your ideals sometimes not the same with the rest of them?

Do you sometimes feel that you are afraid that people might ignore what you say or laugh at you? Well my dear friends let me remind you that none of us are created equally. Each person is born with a unique trait or talent.

It is just that as time goes by people has this tendency to feel the need to belong or the urge to comply with the norms. However the greatest people of all time or those who we have learned from history whether those who excelled in in leadership music, arts, and the like are people who are bold and unfazed by the idea that they are different.

They allowed themselves to stand out. Criticisms? They got that! Whether you do things right or wrong, critics will always surface. So if this is a fact of life, the why settle in your box? Let me give you 3 reasons why it is okay to be the neon among the pastels.


  1. Freedom

When you are able to showcase your unique talent, you unlock the wary feeling in your heart. You won’t be too concerned whether they will buy your image or not. At the end of the day, it is about you and not them. Have patience because eventually you will attract people who have the same ideas like you.

Do not be afraid to express yourself. Life is not about going with the current all the time. Follow what is in your heart. Opposing the mainstream culture is not a sin. In my case, I do not brush or comb my hair that much.

When I am on my casual wear, I just let my hair down with some frizz or waves. Years before a colleague asked me, “Why are you not combing your hair?”. I just laughed it off. As a matter of fact, I often get more sound comments then negative about my hair.

  1. Fun

Who doesn’t want to have fun? Do you really want to always blend in the crowd? This is somehow related to the first one. How boring could this be if everything was made the same? You have a special talent or gift that is bestowed upon you!

Be happy with life by showcasing who you truly are, and attracting the right crowd for you. Do not settle by just being like everyone. Do not be too hard on yourself. Life is meant to be lived with happiness, and that is thru you truest expression of yourself.

Why do fashion runways look feisty and vibrant? It is because we know that the models will walk with outlandish attires that we haven’t seen before! Who is having fun there? Is it just us, the audience, or the designers as well?

  1. You inject change.

Maybe you are seeing something that needs to be altered or improved. Whether it is in ideas, clothes, or the way people are managed, thinking differently maybe the fuel to change for the better.

Your ideas, once expressed or discussed, can be honed to improve the lives of others. Who knows, other people might also be thinking the way you do but they are just keeping it to themselves. When you are confident that you are different, people will look up to you and admire you for it.

With the perfect blend of leadership skills and charisma, you can definitely influence others. And you will eventually thank yourself for embracing your uniqueness.


So, that is it for now. Learn to embrace variety and step out into this big world. Be the cornerstone of change. Don’t be too guarded with what you believe in. The world is a big canvas. Let yourself bring color to it.