How an OFW Processed her Social Security System

The SSS is beneficial for the Filipino people. Whether you are employed or not, you may contribute a small amount monthly and after several years you may loan from SSS or during your retirement, you may receive a good amount of pension. In my case, I was not able to process my SSS when I resigned from my job in Manila and went abroad. I had no contribution for 3 years and I have a pending loan that is worth 30,000 pesos.

Currently I am working abroad. Now that I am on vacation in Manila, I decided that this is the best time to process my SSS contributions, loans, etc. Always carry with you at least 1 valid ID (PRC license driver’s license, passport) or at least 2 of important documents such as you birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) etc. I highly suggest that you keep with you your SSS number (if you are already a member) and TIN. Let me give you the steps I took when I went to the SSS office.


  1. How can I continue my SSS contributions while I am abroad?

For 5 years I was employed in a private hospital and so my SSS contribution was automatically deducted from my salary. After I resigned and went abroad, it all stopped. I became busy that SSS became my last priority.

A friend of mine abroad told me that I should continue my contributions. So now that I am in the Philippines for vacation, I visited the SSS office. What is good nowadays is that some of the government offices are located in shopping malls and so it makes at more accessible. One office is on the 7th floor of that building that is connected to SM Aura, beside BGC in Taguig. You may ask the security guard or the counter in the entrance and ask for an SSS CONTRIBUTIONS FORM.

By the way, if you are currently abroad, you may simply ask your family member to process this for you. Payment can be done in Bayad Centers or on the main offices. There is no need for any Authorization letter.

You may choose to contribute as an OFW or as Voluntary. The monthly minimum contribution for OFW is Php 550. For Voluntary contribution, the amount may be smaller. Don’t worry. There is a guide there on how much amount you can contribute per month.  After getting the form, get a cue number. You can fill the form while you are waiting for your turn. A copy of your valid ID and your family member (or whoever is processing it) must always be ready just in case. This is what the form looks like:

On the left side of the form there is a list of the months from January to December. In my case, since I started contributing on November 2017. I wrote “2017” opposite the month of November. Actually, it is up to you on what month and year you plan to restart. You may even pay the amount that can cover an entire year.


  1. How can I pay or know the amount of my pending SSS loan?

Ask the staff in the counter or the security guard and let them help you in getting a cue number. If you are going to process your loan and if you are getting a UMID (Unified multi-purpose ID card) at the same time, you can process it all at once in one counter. That means you don’t have to get two cue numbers. But just to be sure, ask any of them. You will be given this form:



The amount you plan to pay is up to you. Again, anybody can process it for you.


  1. How can I get a UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID) card?

Get an Application form for UMID in the counter.  Get a cue number. Prepare your valid ID or other important documents. While waiting, fill out the form. When you reach the first counter, present your valid ID. After this, you will have your ID picture and signature taken. Verify that the staff is trying the correct data. Make sure there are no errors. After this you are done! This ID will be mailed to your address after 2-3 months.


  1. How can I access my account online?

I filled out a half-sized application form which included writing my e-maill address and my preferred username. When I returned the form to the staff, they told me that I will receive a notification in my email after several days. I suggest that you make an online account in SSS so that you will be able to monitor your contributions, loans, etc. wherever you are. This makes it easier for OFWs especially.


When I was in the counter, I actually got a glimpse of my past contributions (when I was still an employee here in the Philippines) when the staff accessed my account in his computer. Sadly, he could not make a print out and informed me that they stopped doing this las 2015, so having an online account is one of the best options.


  1. How can I access my SSS status thru my mobile phone?

Type “SSS INFO” and send to 2600 for Globe subscribers.


For Smart subscribers, you may try this.


SSS (space) CONTRI (space) SS NUMBER (space) DATE OF BIRTH [using the MMDDYYYY format], then send to 288 (Smart/ Talk ‘N Text).


(


There you are. I hope the information is helpful to you. I also want to commend the SSS staff (including the security guard) who were present at SM Aura last November 28, 2017 for their courtesy and being able to efficiently address my concerns. So to my fellow Pinoys, do not procrastinate. I remember what Jim Rohn used to say. “What is easy to do, is also EASY NOT TO DO”.


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