15 Everyday Lipsticks for Pinays



“I want a lipstick that isn’t too red. I prefer shades that are just slightly better than my natural lip color.”

Oh how many times have I heard these from other women?

I am not an expert in makeup. But somehow along the years, because of my passion for different lip colors, I have finally discovered those specific shades that work for me.

I have dark lips. I was not gifted with pink, angelic-type lips compared to other women with fair skin. Although it is not something to be ashamed of I just decided to use some extra tools to add color to my face.

Honestly, many years ago, I thought that lipsticks are just for girls who want to attract attention or want to lure men toward them. I was wrong.

I realized later on that, although makeups are not a basic necessity, it still pays to look presentable in front of people, whether they are your friends, colleagues, or clients.

A little “oomph” on the face when you are at the office or workplace isn’t really a bad idea, I guess.

In this post, I am going to show you the lipstick shades that you can use on a daily basis. You don’t want to catch attention just because of a bright lip color do you?

This is a combo of cheap (but with dependable quality) and expensive products. Notice the similarity among the shades though. You decide. I hope this helps!


  1. Ofra Liquid Lipstcik (shade: Coco Island)

If you are able to allot extra 5-10 minutes of your time before leaving the house, this one is for you. This brand is recommended by YouTubers as well. It surely lasts for more than 8 hours. It has a creamy texture with no special scent into it. As it dries, it settles into a pinkish tone.


ofra with light



  1. Too Faced Melted Matte (shade: Feeling Myself)

This a bit brighter than the Ofra liquid lipstick that I mentioned earlier. So if you are a bit conservative, please don’t shy away from this shade! It is still wearable in the office!  What I like about this is that the color still looks radiant at night time. For evening gatherings, if you do not want to pull off a red shade, this one is another option.



  1. Deborah-Milano (shade: 18 Matte)

Because you have no time to wait for a liquid lipstick to dry up, you prefer the conventional type. It’s the classic bullet! This shade is a combination of coral and pink as well and lasts really long! It doesn’t have to be reapplied often. It isn’t transfer-proof though, so expect pink marks on your coffee cup!





  1. L’Oréal Color Riche (shade: Velvet Rose 378)

If you don’t mind reapplying your lipstick, this one is for you. It does not last long but it definitely is moisturizing. It looks shiny on the lips and is not opaque enough to cover your original lip color.



  1. Maybelline Color sensational (shade: Intense Pink)

You don’t want your lips to become dry in the middle of the day do you? This is more of a Barbie pink that is surely opaque but with added shine and moisture.


  1. Maybelline Color sensational (shade: Feel Pink)

It has the same texture with “Intense Pink” although this one is more on the nude side. Even if it is light pink, it does not look too pale on your face.


  1. Mac (shade: Please Me)

This is matte finish but doesn’t dry up my lips. This is a pink shade with a cool tone that does not look too flat or boring. It is easy to apply and stays long for more than 8 hours. Whether you are at the office, or attending a wedding celebration, you can definitely pull this off!


  1. Flormar (shade: Natural Rosewood DC36)

It is very similar to Mac’s “Please Me” although it has more shine and coral tone in it. For the ladies with darker skin tone, I suggest you try this. It also stays long on the lips. I am just not sure if some will like the fruity scent in it though.


  1. Bobbi Brown (shade: True Pink)

There is no fancy scent in this at all. It is similar to Mac’s Please Me although it is more moisturizing. It just glides on smoothly! It gives your lips some velvet finish after applying. Oh did I mention that it also lasts long? Apply this in the morning and you will have to seldom retouch.


  1. Mikyajy (shade: 704)

What I love about this is the gold case that makes it appear high-end like that of YSL’s. Just be sure to moisturize your lips before applying because of its tendency to settle along the creases, especially on the lower lip. It’s pinkish coral that leans towards the nude side. Partner this with   perfectly drawn pair of eyebrows and brown eye shadow and achieve the corporate boss look! 😊



  1. Mikyajy Utra Matte (shade: 702)

We all have our lazy days isn’t it? But despite that, we still want to look fresh and presentable. Once you apply this on your lips, then you are ready to go. It is a cross between and coral and nude that can surely be worn by any woman regardless of her skin color. One warning though, because of its long-wearing formula, it has the tendency to dry out your lips later on. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips before every application.


  1. Deborah-Milano (shade: Atomic Red Matte- 03)

I use this almost every day. It’s a matte finish that doesn’t dehydrate my lips. It’s the perfect example of MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick! You don’t want people to know that you are wearing a coat of lipstick do you? Just because it is cheap, does not mean it will fail to deliver. It’s made in Italy you guys!



  1. Nyx (shade: Strawberry Daiquiri)

It’s another MLBB product! Whether your skin is fair or dark, you will love this one. It is easy to apply and the color doesn’t settle on the lines of the lips.  It’s like a lip balm and matte lipstick combined into one magic bullet, which also lasts for 8 hours or more.


  1. Flormar (shade: L03)

Now it’s time to leave the pinks and the corals behind. Let us move on to the terracotta! I am crazy over terracotta shades! This is the second time I bought this actually. It feels creamy while applying it then gradually settles into matte finish after several minutes.  Partner it with a pinkish cheek tint and you are set to go! It stays for more than 8 hours too!


  1. Nars (shade:Jane)

Last but definitely not the least! Nars! This one is similar to Flormar’s L03 but feels less sticky to apply. It is so lightweight and odorless that you will not feel that you have it on your lips. The packaging is also impressive as it has a magnet in the case and the cover. But because it is expensive, of course I don’t use it every day! As usual, like most of the lipsticks that I bought, I make sure it lasts long.



So there you have it guys! I gave you fifteen lipsticks to choose from! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades. Most of them last long and you won’t have to bother reapplying after meals! Oh by the way, if you have more questions about this, feel free to send me a message! Your feedback are extremely welcome! Have a great day!